Mission Peak (Fremont) & Vasona Park (Los Gatos)

Spring time is great in California. After the winter rains our hills and parks are lush green and we see wild flowers everywhere. Here are some pictures from a spring weekend in Northern California.

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Mission Peak: Hills

The Tamil group at the summit.

Rajesh and Jose on the new trail


Rocks on Mission Peak hike

Wild Flowers on the seldom-used trail on the South side of Mission Peak.

Vasona Park in Los Gatos on a  cloudy day. April 2009.

Vasona Park was transferred into a magical place on this cloudy spring day.
Sunlight hit at various spots through the clouds creating an ethereal feel to the landscape.

It was fun to watch different kinds of clouds appearing over the landscape.


The tree branches were creating art of their own, against the cloudy sky.