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Here are messages for Deepthi from Chikki and Chikkappa. 

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7/5/08 7:38 AM PDT

Hello Ms. Deepthi, How are you doing? Chikki and Shiva are getting ready for flight back to the US. Babu mama has reserved a taxi, which will be arriving soon to take them to the airport. 

I am getting ready for receiving them here. They will arrive here tomorrow early afternoon. Their flight schedule is as follows:

Trivandrum - Singapore: 4.5 hours

[Two hour wait in Singapore]

Singapore to Seoul, South Korea: 5.5 hours

[1 hour lay-over in Seoul while they clean and refuel and re-stock the plane.]

Seoul to San Francisco: 10.5 hours.

San Francisco airport (SFO) is about 45 minutes away for me. I will drive the Honda Odyssey minivan to pick them up. Probably Ajja will accompany me to receive them. 

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One more picture.

Looking forward to hearing from you. 




Hello Deepthi-madam :)  I heard you all had great fun hosting Shiva and Chikki in HYD.  We talked when they were in Ernakulam. I also heard Shiva was with Mahesh on Saturday, taking pictures in the rain at my Ajji's house near EKM.

Hey check out these videos when we went to play in the snow earlier this year.

Family at Angels Camp - Snow  {Watch out for Ajji!}
Watch these, and email your comments, please. Thanks.
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Hi Deepthi,

I reached here on June 22nd at 1 PM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) At the airport, Ajja, Divya and Raja Chikkappa were waiting for me.

In the airplane they served decent Indian vegetarian food and I got to watch a lot of movies. Some of the movies include:

  • Horton Hears a Who!
  • Bheema (Tamil)

In Singapore, I saw "Kaveri Indian Vegetarian Restaurant" but chose to eat a light meal at a coffee shop because I was feeling slightly sick. I had coffee and croissant. After that light food I felt better.

On the airport's public addressing system my name was called at least three times! They were trying to get me to change my seats so that a family can sit together. Since I had a bad experience in the flight from Trivandrum to Singapore (where I had the window seat and a really large guy was sitting next to me and taking up space into my seat, I didn't want to give my aisle seat this time.) I told them if they can find me an aisle seat somewhere else, then I will be happy to give up my seat. Shortly before boarding they managed to find an isle seat for me and was able to do the switch.)

Here the weather is nice. Not hot at all. It feels like I am in an AC room! :)

I went out for a walk this evening alone. Usually when I go for walks Shiva and Chikki would be there with me, but they are with you.

Hope your school is going well. Please help Shiva take pictures so that I can see what kind of fun you all had in Hyderabad.

Hope "Enemy No. 1" is treating you well.

Please write when you get a chance. Thanks.

Talk to you soon.

Love, Chikkappa.