Four Seasons Aviara-Dec.07

Here are some pictures from our trip to Four Seasons Aviara, Carlsbad, CA 


We are just back from spending a week at the Four Seasons Aviara resort in Carlsbad, CA. We met up with our friend Sean and his family, from Washington State. Sean and Heidi's four boys and Shiva had a fun time at the resort. Here are some pictures from our trip.

We were blessed with plenty of sunshine, blue skies and temperatures in the 60s. On Christmas day the two families went to the beach and had a fun time until the boys got tired of wading in the waves and wanted to go back to the game room! 

 A view of the Batiquitos Lagoon

Flowers on the FSA grounds

View from Four Seasons Hotel Lobby


At the FSA lobby

One of the Christmas trees at the FSA Hotel

Shiva and his buddies In front of the villas

Enjoying a cup of hot cocoa at the Four Seasons Hotel lobby

The boys at the pool table. (The game room at the FS Hotel has 6 PS2 game consoles connected to 42" plasma TVs, 4 video/arcade machines, air hockey, pool, ping pong etc. The boys were always busy with these and had no time to get bored!! )

Little more video game before hitting the road! (Shiva particularly enjoyed playing video games with Gabriel, the youngest of the 4 boys.)