Trip to Gangotri

We went on a pilgrimage to Gangotri after staying at the Tapasyalayam for a few days.  

It was a great experience for us. We met several sadhu-s on our trip and had darshan at the temple dedicated to the river Ganga.

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Gangotri is considered to be one of the holiest places for Hindus. It is considered to be where Ganga starts. The white temple dedicated to Ganga is not open during winter. The idol is taken to the village of Muckba in the valley and kept there from Deepavali (early November) until early March.

There are ashrams and private lodges available for pilgrims. Near the temple, there are lots of shops and restaurants that serve all kinds of food.

Gomukh glacier, from which Ganga starts, is accessible by foot. To get to the glacier, an 18 KM trek is required as there is no road for vehicles.

The view on the way to Gangotri is very beautiful. We saw mountain villages with rice fields and Ganga flowing below us.

When we stopped for breakfast we have met lots of pilgrims who had come from all over India to pray at the Ganga temple.

We had hot samosa-s for breakfast. Here, our driver "Moh-ni" watches the cook as he is cooking our breakfast.

Click on the picture above to watch garam garam (hot-hot) samosa-s and pakodi-s are being made. Yumm!!

Continuing on our way to Gangotri, we stopped by to pay respects to this swamini who had been living in this area for a few decades. She is originally from Southern Karnataka who had left home as a child and had lived in the mountains over Gangotri for a long time. She now lives in the valley near the Muckba village. It was our good fortune to have met this enlightened soul.

With one of the priests at the Gangotri temple.

A devotee with offerings to Mother Ganga.

A visitor from the West purchases flowers to offer to her ancestors.

Gangotri temple, at the base of the mountains.

An art work depicting the epic of Ganga's descent is shown at the temple.

Ganga flows through the rocks at Lakshmi Kund.

Sivananda Gufa (Cave where Swami Sivananda had meditated a few decades ago.

In the Sivananda Gufa, getting ready for a few minutes of meditation.

With the Swamiji who stays at the Sivananda Gufa.

One of the hundreds of vehicles that come to Gangotri to get the holy water and to take it home.

Eating hot aloo paratta-s (flat breads with potato stuffing) on the banks of Ganga!We had these delivered to these park benches near the Gangotri temple. What a service! :)

On the way back from Gangotri we stopped in the town of Ganganani to take bath in the natural hot springs. Relaxing after the bath at a local tea shop. A video of the hot springs, taken by someone from the US can be viewed here.