Behind the scenes: "Prema Shilpi"

This is a quick write up about the "Prema Shilpi" video shoot occurred in and around 

Santa Clara on Januaray 24th and 25, 2009.  

Click here to view the invitation to the official release of the "Hridaya Muralika" album.

On Thursday night, (1/22/09) Sreenivas (Director), Jay (Camera and Assistant Director), and Chirag, met with Neethu, the lead of the video movie, and went through the list of all the scenes of the music video. At that time we have determined the dress/costume  and props for each scene.

We have decided to start the shoot at Santa Clara Central Park, then to go to Santana Row for the shopping scene, and then onto the Pruneyard Shopping center for the scene at the coffee shop.  Rest of the day was supposed to be spend at the office, and then at the beach. The late start, along with the complications of shooting at Santana Row where the security guards are not too keen on permitting videography, had forced us to delay, so that we had to postpone the shoot at the office to the next day so that we could go over to Santa Cruz and complete the outdoor activities.

After completing the shopping and coffee shop scenes we drove over the hill to Santa Cruz beach and shot at the Natural Bridges State Beach and at the Lighthouse Beach. Although it was very cold, Neethu was a good sport, and worked with the crew to make sure all necessary shots were taken quickly while there was still enough light.

Although it rained some, most of the day was overcast and the Sun was not out much. This actually helped us a lot. The overcast skies provided very good light and we did not have to deal with the complications of a bright and sunny day. Sreenivas and Jay were able to take some shots of the clouds and the colors of the flowers and dresses came out brilliantly (rather than getting washed out in the sunlight.)

Scouting the location

Setting up the camera for the first shot in the park.

Sheel and Neethu at Santana Row

Since we could not do the office scene on the first day, we covered that after the shoot at Sujaya and Shyam's house. We could not have asked for better hosts. They made sure we are comfortable in their house, and provided us with lunch and entertainment. They have left us alone so that we could freely use various parts of the house for the shoot. The altar was created just for this shoot and wait until you see the video to see how it had turned out! Sujaya's and Shyam's daughter, Shruthi, was also very helpful. She watched the whole process and was very eager to help us. They also let us use their business to shoot the office scene.  We are very grateful for their support and encouragement.

On the second day, getting ready to do the puja scene.

Sreenivas and Jay setting up for the dining room scene.

Latha, Neethu and Narayanan.

Shooting the car scene with Sheel and Neethu..

Crew. From left to right: KK, Chirag (assistant), Sreenivas (Director), Manoj, Neethu, Jay (Camera), Shyam (Q-Solv Inc.) and Shruthi.

We completed the shoot shortly after 7 PM on Sunday, January 25 2009 with the filming of the office/cubicle scene. Jay and Sreenivas will now start the process of digitizing the video before heading home to Hollywood. Then editing will commence. 

It was great to be working with such talented people as Sreenivas and Jay. I also appreciate the patience of Neethu, Latha, Sheel and Narayanan. Their dedication and 'can do' attitude made this an enjoyable experience to everyone.


Click here to view the invitation to the official release of the "Hridaya Muralika" album.